The dreaded track recoil!!!

The dreaded track recoil!!!

Postby Miggers » Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:39 am

Not wanting to start another "How to get rid of it thread"here(that's just below),
but I've just had a thought so please bear with me for a moment.

My Tiger is a 2007 S&S model and as such,is still fitted with it's original Rx13 mainboard
(admittedly turned over and heatsinked)and I'm currently looking into killing the heinous
track recoil by piggybacking another Rx13 onto it to run the turret functions.

So,just to recap,to "fire" the maingun,one presses the "K" button,the board signals
the sound unit to make the "boom" and sends a pulse to the drive motors thus giving
the whole shebang a silly jerk back on the tracks,yes?

Piggybacking an extra board means you leave the track drive on one and turret functions
on t'other(I know you all know this)but,but,and here's the idea.

People have fitted gun recoil units,both OEM and their own designs using various methods
to actually trigger the recoil.
On the "turret function"board you have the drive FETs,they're not hooked up to the
drive motors(t'other board does this),but they'll still receive the signal for the recoil jerk.

So,to trigger the gun recoil unit you already have an inbuilt signal from your "turret board",
hook up your recoil unit to one of the drive motor sides(left or right,it shouldn't matter),
press the "K" button,"boom" and the gun recoils(yay!!).

Only thing is :/ :S ........I bet someone else has thought of this and you all know :haha:

Re: The dreaded track recoil!!!

Postby Tankbear » Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:21 am

Hi Miggers,

If your relying on the fire from the K button running the two boards won't eleminate the track recoil. The RX13 & 14 boards are before I got into the hobby but from what I gather these do not have a switch on the airsoft/recoil which activates the sound & recoil action (same as the K button).

So with an RX18 board when the airsoft/recoil is fired it activates the micro switch sends a signal to the RX18 which then makes the sound and recoil. So the trick is you only send this signal to one of the boards. But if you press the k button on the controller it go to the receiver then to both boards including the motors so will still do the track recoil.

Hopefully that made sense?

So I think best route is have the RX13 controlling the drive motors. Add a RX18 to control everything else and add a micro switch to the airsoft.


Re: The dreaded track recoil!!!

Postby Miggers » Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:50 am

So what are you saying Ian?

If I hook in a separate Rx13 to control the turret functions I'll still get track recoil
even if the drive is separate on the original mainboard?(Rob/FV432 seems to think it'll be ok)

It was just a thought I had to use the track recoil signal on the board to trigger a
gun recoil unit if fitted.
Some seem to use the left stick "up"(on the transmitter)that fires the airsoft gun
to as a trigger signal for the recoil and muzzle flash.


Re: The dreaded track recoil!!!

Postby Tankbear » Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:55 am

Morning Mark,

For it to work you need the switch on the airsoft to activate the sound and recoil and as far as I know the RX13 doesn't have it (if it does then I'm wrong and confusing things).


Re: The dreaded track recoil!!!

Postby Miggers » Tue Jun 05, 2012 11:30 am

Morning Ia,er,Afternoon Ian.

I think I have the gist of what you're saying,and it seems that this is why folks
seem to use the "left stick up"(fires the airsoft gun)on older Rx13/14 equipped
tanks to trigger flash/sound/recoil when they've modified the tank to accept a
recoil unit of whatever design(OEM or own).

Can't remember though what they did to eliminate the track recoil,until the
invention of that ARTC kit that the Aussie bloke came up with.


Re: The dreaded track recoil!!!

Postby FV432 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:18 pm

the only difference in the RX18 boards compared to the RX13-14 boards is the FET drive board and the addition of the I/R board
RX14's are fitted with a basic FET board and no I/R function
to get the "K" button functioning as well as the upstick (airsoft/I/R function) you need to attach a "link" cable on the underside of one board
memory isnt so great anymore 8O

im trying to locate a piccie :S
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Re: The dreaded track recoil!!!

Postby Tankbear » Wed Jun 06, 2012 11:40 am


Using the K button as a fire won't stop the track recoil. As the signal is coming from the controller to reciever then to both the control boards (my twin RX18 tiger still does silly recoil). You need the little trigger switch on the airsoft/recoil to activate the sound & recoil but you only connect it to the control board not controlling the drive motors.

Now as far as I know the RX13 doesn't have this additional trigger switch. So all I see to do is use the RX13 to control the drive motors and an RX18 to control everything else and use the trigger switch to the RX18.


Re: The dreaded track recoil!!!

Postby smokinbarracuda » Sun Jun 10, 2012 5:14 pm

Not sure this will help but I tried the recoil blocking mod by using 2 rx18's. Now this didn't work until I did the diode mod on the underside of the board controlling all the turret funcions. Works like a charm now. Note it won't work just using the full fire mod on the tx linking the k button to the left upstick, it has to be the diode mod on the board. Hope that helps.

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